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Is Arthur Edward Tomlinson (MBE.DFC.) Smethwick’s best kept secret ?

This remarkable book by Stuart J McKenzie is the result of many years careful research into the extraordinary life of an ordinary Smethwick born WWII spitfire pilot, Sq Ldr A E (Tommy) Tomlinson. Born & raised in Linden Road Smethwick in 1915, he was locally educated before volunteering for the RAF the day after the Declaration of war against Germany.

He rose through the ranks to become Squadron Leader & a highly decorated fighter pilot, being award the Distinguished Flying Cross, before returning to Smethwick at the end of the war. He was one of the lucky ones who fought all through the hostilities & came home.

This book also describes his life as he grew up in modest circumstances within Smethwick, the schools he attended & his initial pre-war job at the M & B brewery, a job that he returned to at the end of the war attaining the high office of Director of the company.

In landscape orientation & with 106 pages of facts plus lots of never before seen photographs, this work by Stuart J McKenzie cannot be recommended highly enough. A most fitting tribute to one of Smethwick’s finest.

Footnote.. Stuart is an ex Trustee of The Smethwick Heritage Centre serving as Vice Chairman at one stage, as well as an ex teacher & a most accomplished artist.


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