About the Smethwick Heritage Centre Trust

We now have two distinctly different events that have become very popular with our current members, roadshows and Facebook friends days.


Roadshows give us the opportunity twice a year to display a variety of artefacts and historic materials that have been donated or rescued by the Smethwick Heritage Centre Trust. The roadshows are held at two local venues, which provide us with a much greater area than the Victoria Park Lodge Museum. These events always attract hundreds of visitors both local and those from further afield, all with a story to share about their childhood or a family members experience in Smethwick


Facebook Friends is a new event, which was launched by the Smethwick Heritage Centre Trust in 2016 and is a steadily attracting larger and larger numbers of our Facebook followers. It is an event where individuals can meet, at the Smethwick Heritage Museum in the Victoria Park Lodge, and have some refreshments and good conversation. The idea behind the Facebook friends events was for people who met on our Facebook page to meet in person.

Here is how you can reach us by train, plane and automobile. See you soon!