Still Crazy After All These Years


‘Still Crazy After All These Years’ is the final book of Smethwick man Don Evitts’ self-published autobiographical trilogy.


A lot of people have shared and enjoyed reading about Don’s journey along the way. All his books are a nostalgic trip into the past.  They’re packed with humorous stories and lots of music relating to those years.

One of Don’s quotes – “until someone invents a time machine the best way of finding out what life was like back then is in my books.”


‘Still Crazy After All These Years’ contains 220 pages and as in books 1 and 2 includes lots of photographs. It tells of the highs and lows of working in the music industry and how Don helped an X-Factor finalist secure a recording deal.  The book also highlights Don’s elaborate April fool jokes that he performed when working at Royal Mail which almost cost him his job.


It also features his gardening years and how he helped Tamworth Council achieve a medal in the Britain-in-Bloom competition.   He also had a life changing health scare and not only did he come through it but was the reason and inspiration for writing his story. Don comments “The books were never planned; it was something I thought I had to do because of what I had gone through with my health.  People have told me that my story have inspired them to take-up new challenges.”


The British Heart Foundation will feature Don’s story in their quarterly magazine ‘Heart Matters’ which will hopefully go on to inspire even more people. The message is “Life doesn’t have to end after a heart attack.” Don says “That’s true! I’m here to prove that point” And he adds “If I can do it anyone can do it!”


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