Chairman’s Letter: September 2013

Hi Everyone,

Firstly the good news, we have at last a new web site up and running! “”. It now has a very secure and reliable pay pal account and you can later this year become a member, re-new your membership or gift aid on line if you desire. We will be able to update you with all the latest news and events and link you to our Face book site. Now for less good news, due to the recessional pressures and increase in postage, the Trust has had to make some difficult decisions. After great discussion, although we have not increased the cost of membership for a few years now, we decided not to increase the cost for another year. However, we did decide to reduce the magazines from 6 down to 4 per year, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. This will cut down on postage, but still allow us to have the same overall content. We also plan to include some new features. Additionally it will also cut down on the work that volunteers have every two months in packaging and posting the magazine. I hope you all understand the need to review these economy measures in the current climate and we can continue to rely on your support. . Meanwhile Bob, our editor, is constantly on the lookout for new ideas to be included in the magazine and if you have a story with or without photographs he would be delighted to hear from you.

We still need helpers to run our museum and help with Roadshows and exhibitions. There are always jobs to do to keep us going, so please any Smethwickians out there who are keen to keep Smethwick’s history and David’s dream alive, pop along, have a chat and cup of tea and see how you can help. At our last Board meeting we decided to spend the £500 we received from the Old Boys’ Association on a new computer for the office. The old one was nearly 10 years old. That reminds me next year we celebrate our 10th anniversary and hope to celebrate in some way – any ideas ? Do please let me know. Our next Roadshow on the 21st September is a combined effort with Warley Woods and Lightwoods Groups. It will be held at St Mary’s Church earlier than normal as our final Roadshow will be at Dorothy Parkes in November. The theme of the September Roadshow is “Bearwood Past, Present and Future”.

We are obviously preparing an exhibition on Bearwood’s past and how it has changed over the years. We would be grateful for any old photographs of shops that have changed or building that have been demolished over the years. Our final Roadshow this year is at Dorothy Parkes Centre on 9 th of November The theme is WW1 and the Uplands area. Hope to see you there.

 Best Wishes – Mary Lee

Mary Lee